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Mini kitchen set, traditional stovetop, really stir fry

In 2022, the Ministry of Education officially issued the "Compulsory Education Curriculum Plan" and issued the "Compulsory Education Labor Curriculum Standards (2022 edition)", pointing out that primary and secondary school students should carry out compulsory education labor courses. With rich and open labor projects as the carrier, students are organized to participate in daily life work such as cleaning and hygiene, sorting and storage, cooking and nutrition, household utensils use and maintenance, so as to let students practice and receive exercise, and cultivate students' correct labor values and good labor quality.

From the point of view of parents, letting children use home stoves may worry about safety. Therefore, most parents choose mini farm kitchens for their children, take their children to experience the fun of cooking, and cultivate their baby's cooking ability from an early age.

Mini farm kitchen is a real miniature version of the kitchen, including mini stove, knives, condiment bottles, tables, bowls and chopsticks and other dozens of accessories, truly immersive play experience, so that children from washing vegetables, cutting vegetables cooking everything!


All products are carefully designed and restored in accordance with the farm kitchen, allowing you to return to your childhood in a second. Select grade materials for food, truly achieve "kitchen utensils can be really cooked, dishes can be eaten", so that parents can rest assured!

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